Tampa Bay Lightning T-shirt

Despite this is the team that I support, here is the one and only my Tampa Bay Lightning T-shirt. I own more Leafs shirts. Most of my Lightning apparel are jerseys so I think that’s okay?


The design is very simple and quite plain actually, but it looks somewhat like the training shirts for the players. But it’s Tampa Bay so I like it.


Here is the interesting point of the shirt. The “LIGHTNING” font has a little bevel made of rubber, so it is quite cute I must say.


Here’s the back print of the shirt. It’s very small. Perhaps the size was just about 2 or 3 times the shirt tag. I don’t know why they put ‘Offense’, ‘Speed’, ‘Agility’, ‘Defense’, and ‘Awareness’ there since it looks like it was copied off a game, but it still adds a nice touch to the shirt.

Toronto Maple Leafs T-shirt (Part 3)

This is the last Leafs T-shirt series along with my previous posts. Among all, this used to be my favourite one growing up. I couldn’t remember where I got it but it definitely has a nice design.


I think I ordered the biggest children size or a small adult size at that time. I bought this about 15 years ago so I could not really remember. But it is a nice shirt. The fabric is very nice and I like the patch on the sleeve. The printing is really great and as you can see from the photo, it’s still standing strong.


Close up photo of the print. There are cracks here and there but the printing does not peel off. It’s very strong. The fabric colour has discoloured a little bit, especially in the fold lines, but it still looks okay nonetheless. It is a very durable shirt and definitely one of my favourites.

Toronto Maple Leafs T-shirts (Part 2)

Here are some other T-shirts that started the collection. The first one features the signatures of the late 1990s/early 2000s team (forget the year). Some parts are already discoloured because of the dust/sunlight but it’s still in really great condition.

IMG_0510 IMG_0511

Next are two T-shirts that was bought when I was 10 or 11. The top one was from my grandmother and the bottom one was the first ever Leafs T-shirt that I have. So it is the first ever T-shirt that is in my collection.


Lastly is the shirt made specially for the Maple Leafs’ playoff run back then. They went to the semifinals but lost to Buffalo Sabres. If it wasn’t for the fans, I probably will still be rooting for them heavily. I concentrate more on my Lightning though recently, but I just wish that the Leafs have a better fanbase. Or maybe it was just that I can’t fit in into their fans. I don’t know.

IMG_0577 IMG_0578

Baseball T-shirts

First up is the New York Yankees. This T-shirt is to commemorate the final season played in the old Yankee Stadium.


The design is clean and nice. It has the stadium and the commemoration logo but it doesn’t have the Yankees logo.


The quality of the print, as you can see, is really nice. It uses screen printing method but the details are very sharp. Also the printing is much softer than the previous Leafs shirt. I haven’t washed this one yet so I don’t know about the durability, but looks like the print is quite flexible and can easily be distorted in anyway. The main downside of this shirt is that the sleeves. The rubbers on the end might make it a little uncomfortable to wear, but nevertheless it is still a nice shirt.

Next up is the Colorado Rockies Championship T-shirt. These two T-shirts were released in 2007, where the Rockies won the National League pennant (but lost to the eventual World Champion Boston Red Sox).


Above is the front side of the shirt and below is the back side of the shirt. The front side features design/logo for the championship, and the back side features the players.

IMG_0504 IMG_0505

Like the Yankees, this one also utilises screen printing but is thicker compared to the previous two (Yankees and Leafs). But that make the colours bright so it’s a good thing.

And lastly it’s also a Rockies T-shirt, but this time it features the pennant. In terms of printing and quality, it is very similar to the previous Rockies shirt. All three were bought from the MLB site.


But to be honest, I support Seattle Mariners and I still haven’t got any single Mariners shirt (although I have two of their jerseys).


Toronto Maple Leafs 3D T-shirt

Here is my latest Toronto Maple Leafs shirt. I used to collect a lot of them but lately there aren’t too much good/unique designs. After all, these Toronto Maple Leafs T-shirts are where it all began. This one is manufactured by VF Imagewear.


The design is very neat. It features the 3D version of the logo, with little more additional touch. It also has the Toronto skyline in the background. These are what makes the design really nice. I like sports clubs T-shirt this way, instead of regular text with logo.

IMG_0499 IMG_0500

The screen printing is also really good. They’re not afraid to use a lot of colours and gradients. The print feel is not as soft as COSPA’s but it is still really good. The whites have a little emboss effect. This shirt comes in big size, as it follows North American sizing and when I bought it they only have XL left. It’s comfortable so I won’t complain. Lastly, ironically, contrary to my other Maple Leafs shirt, I bought this in the States (the others were bought in Toronto).

Québec Nordiques T-shirt

This is my latest addition to my NHL T-shirts. It features the logo of Québec Nordiques, the now defunct NHL team of Québec City. I got this as a souvenir when I went to Québec City. The franchise now becomes the Colorado Avalanche, which also has a cool logo.


The print was big and was done by screen printing. I have not tried it yet, but looks like it’s quite comfortable to wear. The blue fabric is also nice.

IMG_0495 IMG_0497More details on the print quality. The print is not that thick, but not that soft either. The blue parts on the logo is also printed. I just hope that this does not crack easily. Overall, it’s one great addition to my collection.

adidas Road to Kiev T-shirt

I have sports T-shirts for collection in addition to my anime T-shirts. This one is from Euro 2012. It features all the flags from the participating countries from the qualification. This T-shirt is where the inspiration came from when I made this T-shirt.


The design is very nice and colourful. The flags look really nice too. Plus there aren’t that many good purple T-shirts. The sizing is a little big on the sides, so it makes this T-shirt look comfortable to wear around.

IMG_0492 IMG_0493

The details of the print. The print is quite flexible, but it looks like they are a bunch of stickers. I have not worn this one yet, in fact I tried not to, because I am afraid washing the shirt might ruin the print. So I will just keep this for collection purposes only.