Sheraton Hiroshima

A good friend of mine is getting married (2014.09.21) so we all went to Hiroshima to attend his wedding. I am not the type who will publicise the bride/groom portrait online because I want to respect their privacy, but we all can share food photos right?

This is the first time I have ever attended a Japanese wedding so the customs are very interesting to me. Although the food are not really Japanese (I believe they are fusion), the whole wedding process was totally Japanese. It is very different to the customs in Indonesia and I am very delighted to have shared their special moment with the bride and groom. I think it is a great time to share the feeling with their family members and close friends.

Bubbly Tip of the Day CCLX

Food pictures of my Japan adventures with my girlfriend.

Bubbly Tip of the Day CCXLIII

Last month’s trip back to Indonesia.
Of course, more food.

Plane food.
Seven 2 seven steak.
Fruit platter.

Chinese food.
Angus House.
Plane food.

T-shirt of the day: Rize
GF’s T-shirt of the day: Chino

Bubbly Tip of the Day CCXXXI

Morning with frogs.
Getting ready.
Car used by driver.
Mi amor came to visit.

Lunch at home.
Bought Penang Bistro.
Playing dogs.
Failed watching Expatriate.

Hay Tian for dinner.
Going to mi amor’s house.
Saying goodbye to the parents.
Off to Japan.

Plane food.
Saw¬†Cathay’s special colours.
Lounge in HK.
Another food.

T-shirt of the day: Happy birthday
GF’s T-shirt of the day: Asu

Bubbly Tip of the Day CCXXX

Morning with frogs.
Tidying up.
Packing a little.
Picking up mi amor.

To Plaza Indonesia.
Lunch at Pancious.
Tropical juice.
Caesar salad.
Red wine beef pasta.

IMG_7236 IMG_7237 IMG_7238 IMG_7239

Nachos again.
Love lovish.
Bullying Shimakaze.
And Happy birthday.


Dinner in mi amor’s house.
Love lovish again.
Little nap.
Midnight snack.
First love.


T-shirt of the day: Izayoi
GF’s T-shirt of the day: Kud

Bubbly Tip of the Day CCXXVIII

Just came back from Hong Kong.
Getting ready.
To mi amor.

Lunch with her family.
Planning to CP.
Went back because of traffic.

Dinner with my family.
Pepata di Cozze e Vongole (mixed mussels and clams soup).
Salmon pasta.

IMG_7169 IMG_7170


Filetto di Manzo PEPeNERO
Grilled Australian beef tenderloin with black pepper in red wine and balsamic sauce.



Back to mi amor’s house.
Love lovish.

T-shirt of the day: Purple Heart
GF’s T-shirt of the day: Keleque