maxxbrides Wedding Fair Vendors

Here are the vendor’s booth for the wedding fair. The designs are lovely. Too bad I only bring iPhone camera with me, so some of the pictures did not do the justice, especially Lotus & Moreno’s booth.

maxxbrides Wedding Fair Opening Day

So this is the wedding fair that we organised, maxx-brides wedding fair “One Fine Day” and today is the opening day for the three day fair. The programme today consists of speeches and fashion show, as well as live music. However, I could not take good pictures of the fashion show so I will put the pictures of the food stands.


Decoration by Steve’s D├ęcor.

IMG_4056 IMG_4057 IMG_4058 IMG_4059 IMG_4060 IMG_4061

Some desserts and food stations.

Overall it’s a successful opening day. Both the fashion show were fantastic.