World Cup Thoughts

As an avid football fan, I like to give analysis before the big tournament. Here is this my thoughts on 2014 World Cup.

Wala Wala Cafe Bar

Went out to eat at Wala Wala while also watching football with a friend.
Watched the Spurs vs Chelsea match.
But before the football talk, food talk first.


Wala Wala chicken wings


Grilled John Dory fish fillet in white wine mushroom cream sauce


Wala Fizz as a drink.

Now to the match. It was an interesting (and quite open) match. Scary to see how much Tottenham has moved on without Bale. Plus I think the team now is pretty solid. I’m an Arsenal fan so I wished for a draw – and I get it. So overall it was a beautiful combination, flowing, attacking, and interesting football, combined with the desired result.

Overall the food is pretty nice and the ambience is amazing. Definitely recommended for gathering whenever there’s football.

Bubbly Tip of the Day CV

Morning fitness.
Training my chest.
Bullying Nate Mitotsudaira.
Right shoulder hurts a little.

Picking up mi amor.
Taman Anggrek.
Fiesta steak.
Baskin n Robbins.

IMG_4964 IMG_4965

Wandering around.
Redeeming gifts.
Uniqlo booth.
Off to church.

Early by one hour.
Not so long mass.
Mafioso priest.
To Plaza Indonesia.

Tenten with friends.


Back home.
QPR vs Arsenal.
Arsenal won 1-0.

T-shirt of the day: Latjoer
GF’s T-shirt of the day: Grey kud

Arsenal Updates

Last weekend Arsenal won against Tottenham Hotspur 5-2. This is the second time in this year Arsenal won against them by that scoreline.

It is always fun to watch North London Derbies, mostly because of the entertaining matches they offer. The intense rivalry between the fans also adds up the spice to these matches.

Anyhow, I am hoping that this win will boost up Arsenal’s chances to win any trophy this season. They have been low on confidence lately, resulting in draws and losses. Tonight they will face Montpellier. This is another important match for us in order to boost our Champions League qualification chances. It will be best if we can win the group. Victoria Concordia Crescit.

Arsenal Updates

Last weekend Arsenal lost to Manchester United 1-2 and this midweek they drew to Schalke 04 2-2. I must say the confidence is not really high right now, as they have not been playing as well as compared to what they played earlier this season.

Tomorrow there will be a game with Fulham, which is very important for the club to get the win to start picking the three points and most importantly, to get back on track and start building up the team /and fans’/ confidence.

Arsenal Updates

Yesterday’s Arsenal match was a thrilling one. Down 4-0 against Reading, Arsenal made the impossible possible by levelling it up, 4-4, in regulation time and bring the match into extra time.

In the extra time it is also very interesting. Arsenal scored first and Reading equalised four minutes before the game ends. Thinking the match will end 5-5, meaning it will be decided by penalty shootout, Theo Walcott again scored in the dying minutes. Chamakh added another last minute goal to make it 5-7 Arsenal win.

Sure you can say the opponent is Reading, but coming back from a 4-0 deficit is very hard in football. Plus the Arsenal team fielded consists of mostly those from the bench and reserves. So I am very delighted with the win, hoping they can carry this team spirit into the weekend. We have a big match coming up against Manchester United.

Football Updates

Yesterday Arsenal played Queens Park Rangers at home. It was not the best of Arsenal I’ve seen this season, but I take the three points anytime.

To begin with, Jack Wilshere played a competitive match for the team for the first time after his long injury. He did not disappoint. However, placing Wilshere – Arteta – Cazorla – Podolski – Ramsey altogether in the midfield was not a great idea at all. Podolski played a little further left, but the other four are central midfielders to begin with. Especially Wilshere and Ramsey. Those two can not be put on the field together.

Arsenal also got a little bit lucky with the goal, but like I said before, I take the three points and shut my mouth about the goal. But the bottom line is, the team lacks goal scoring touches lately. They did not score against Norwich and Schalke, and at this match they just barely scraped a goal and edged for the win. I hope they can inject a little goal scoring liveliness this midweek versus Reading and ready for the next weekend match against Man United.

On the other hand, Barcelona won 5-0 away against Rayo Vallecano. I’m delighted with the win. They are now quite far up in the table compared to Real Madrid. The threat up to now is Atlético, as Falcao is on hot streak.

To be frank, I was not very confident about Barcelona either entering the match. They just scraped a narrow win at the time of death versus Celtic this midweek. Before that it was the 5-4 thriller away win against Deportivo. So I hope they can continue this winning streak and widen the gap against Real Madrid.

Arsenal Updates

I was a little dejected with Arsenal lately. They suffered two consecutive losses, 1-0 at Norwich and 0-2 vs Schalke 04 (Champions League).
The defence was sloppy and that what costed the Schalke game. I was hoping to see freshness and good games after the previous international breaks but looks like this was not the case. So I hope they can regroup after the fiery Annual General Meeting.