Flags of the World T-shirt

Remember one post I had quite a while back about flags of the world? Here I tried to print a customised T-shirt with that image. Those flags look really nice on a shirt.


I printed it A2, so the image is big and the flags have most of the details. But still I can’t expect for maximum detail as there are a lot of flags that has really tiny details that the printer can’t print. But overall I am very satisfied with the product.

IMG_8694 IMG_8695

The print is very flexible too. I used a direct to garment printing on this T-shirt in order to allow for maximum durability. That means no need to fret about the design cracking or peeling off. There might be a little fading, but that’s probably all.

deviantART Update

I have uploaded a new art on my deviantARTLight Healer. It has been a long time since I last posted something in my deviantART. I feel bad because it looks like I abandoned the site, although I really wasn’t.

I did mention before about getting a full colour CG of my latest character design, and here it is. This is what I posted in my dA just in case you are lazy to click the link :P

I also put it in my Illustrations page.

Characters Update

Well it’s been awhile since I last draw something. I updated a character on my character page. For today it is Fei Gaolin, Fei Long’s sister. I actually had an artwork of her before, but I thought the design was a little bit dull and hurried. So I redrew the character.

I’m thinking of giving her a full-coloured illustration with background. So perhaps I will continue to work on this and I can finish it really soon.

Original Characters T-shirt

Looking at how some artists print their illustrations on a T-shirt, like this one or this one, I am also inspired to do the same. I printed the T-shirt with ORIGIN.INFINITY (オリジンインフィニティ).

For the T-shirt itself, I just put some of my favourite illustrations altogether in one shirt. It’s not the most interesting design for some people I believe, but I like it as a representative for my artworks.

Here are other close up shots for the print. I must say the printing is really great. It’s very flexible. I haven’t washed this a lot, so I can’t say too much about the durability. I just hope it does not fade pretty quick. Since it is directly printed into the shirt, I’m pretty sure it won’t crack. I’m very satisfied with the result. Perhaps I will do some more in the future.

Here are the illustrations used for the shirt:
Top (L-R): Starlight (dA page), Castaway Islands (dA page)/Beachcomber Islands (dA page), Fruit Fiesta (dA page)/One Winter Night (dA page), Overslept (dA page).
Middle top (L-R): Dreamy Girl (dA page), Imperial Army (dA page), Homework (dA page).
Middle bottom (L-R): All Nighter (dA page), Just the Two of Us (dA page).
Bottom (L-R): Leviathan (dA page), Azure Dragon (dA page), Schwarzwald Castle (dA page), Bahamut (dA page).