1/500 Air New Zealand “Millenium” Livery

Updating from Hong Kong!

I haven’t posted special livery die-cast airplanes for awhile, so today I will do it. Like this ANA “Film Roll” livery, the plane is pretty small, considering it is an Boeing 737-33R. This livery is called the “Millenium” livery, promoting the “America’s Cup 2000”.

This plane has a different paintjob in its left and right fuselage. Despite the small size, Herpa did a great job painting the fuselage in detail. Also available is the registration ZK-NGA.

Front view of the plane. Note the big wheels (compared to the whole plane size).

This is one of the short-lived livery from Air New Zealand as it get repainted after a little while, so it’s pretty nice to have one in my roster. Besides, the livery look colourful and lively. The plane is pretty small though. I would consider having at least a 1/400 scale for 737s.

Anyways, besides this one, Air New Zealand has other great colourful planes. One of my favourites is the All Blacks scheme. Would love to get one in the future.

1/500 Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-300ER

As I said in my last airplane post, I am going to post about the Singapore Airlines’ new livery die-cast airplane. It features a bigger text size and Singapore flag, but it made a big difference in the overall look. It’s not as plain as the previous livery. This is also one of the planes that I received as a gift.

Details on the front part. This Boeing 777-312/ER has a registration 9V-SWA, unlike the other one. The paint job is also very nice and clean, with great finish. The wing parts and the jet engines are also nicely detailed, which is another good point in this plane.

Back part of the plane with registration.

Front part of the plane.

This is a newer product as compared to the last one, so obviously there are improvements. Plane is much more detailed and has a better finishing. It also don’t have parts that fell off easily. Anyways, I will be back with a special livery plane for the next plane post.

1/500 Singapore Airlines Boeing 747-400

This is another normal livery airplane that I have. I got it as a gift from someone. It features Singapore Airlines’ previous livery before their current one. This 747 did not have registration, unlike the other die-cast airplanes that I have.

Closer look on the front side. The photo is a little bit blurry though. Cockpit paintjob looks a little smaller than it should be, but maybe it’s just me. The rest of the paintjob is pretty nice. It looks clean with a nice finish.

Back view of the plane.

Front view of the plane.

Overall this one is another pretty good Herpa plane. No parts easily broke or fell off. Just perhaps it is a little boring because I feel the livery is a little plain. Good thing Singapore Airlines redesigned the whole livery because of the A380. The difference was just bigger text size, but it made a huge difference. I will post about the new livery next time.

1/500 ANA “Film Roll” Livery

This post is about a special livery from ANA (All Nippon Airways). I believe this might be one of the first special liveries that ANA use. This Airbus A321-131 is nicknamed the “film roll” livery. Both sides show different images or sceneries across Japan. I like how they use the windows as a part of the film roll.

Clearly seen from both pictures that the left side and the right side has different pictures. The die-cast plane itself is a limited edition. There are only 500 die-casts like this worldwide. Mine is number 417.

Tail view for both sides. Note the registration JA102A. The tail is the only minus side of this plane, as it did not stick to the fuselage tightly. Sometimes when I took it out from the box, the tail fell off.

Closer look of the front part. The paint job on this die-cast is very impressive. They did not miss a single detail on the livery. This is also one of my old planes. Perhaps I had this for about 5 years and the paint job is still in a really good condition.

Front view of the plane.

Overall, this is one of my favourite liveries out there; and perhaps my favourite one from ANA, despite they have colourful and cheerful Pokemon liveries. Like this Tropical Singapore Airlines, if I remember correctly they have two of these liveries (JA101A and JA102A). Too bad they did not have these plane for long, as they were repainted after a little while.

1/500 Uzbekistan Airways Airbus A310-300

This is an Airbus A310-324 for Uzbekistan Airways in their regular livery. Their regular livery is pretty much similar to an Uzbek flag without the crescent and the stars. However, Uzbek flag itself looks nice to me, which is why I found this livery interesting. This plane is manufactured by Herpa Wings.

Back view of the plane. Note the registration UK-31001. I personally love the blue and green in the plane. There is a little scratch on the tail. Not sure if it was scratched during the manufacturing process or in my home.

Close up of the front side of the plane. The plane is nicknamed “Tashkent”. Another minus side of this plane was the “UZBEKISTAN” text. It does not really represent the actual livery. Aside of that, other paint jobs are really well done. I had this for about 10 years and there are no signs of colours peeling off.

Front view of the plane. Like how I have stated before in my previous post, I usually don’t buy regular liveries unless it is interesting to me. For this plane, it was on how they incorporated the Uzbek flag into the national carrier. Plus the blue is really beautiful too. So it’s worth the buy for me.

1/500 Vietnam Airlines Boeing 767-300

This is the first time I’m posting an airplane without a special livery. However, Vietnam Airlines livery is quite interesting actually. I love the mixture of blue and gold, although their flag is red and yellow. This plane is manufactured by Herpa Wings.

Back view of the plane, with the registration S7-RGV. This is a Boeing 767-324/ER from Vietnam Airlines. Currently all 767s are already retired from their fleet.

Closer view of the front side. The cockpit is a little bit off to be honest, but the rest of the paint job in the die-cast is well done. However the wheels and other parts of the plane are quite intact and pretty strong.

Front view of the plane. Again, not sure if I like the cockpit paintjob but the rest are pretty well done.

I usually don’t buy regular liveries unless I find their livery somewhat interesting. This is one of them. It’s not the regular white body with stripes or patterns type of livery. Plus I like their tail logo too. That’s why I like the design on this one.

1/500 Lufthansa Star Alliance Livery

This is an Airbus A340-211 Lufthansa plane with the original Star Alliance livery with six of its founding members: Lufthansa, SAS, Thai, Varig, Air Canada, and United Airlines. This die-cast airplane is manufactured by Herpa Wings.

Back view of the plane with the registration, D-AIBA. This livery is used before this livery seen in this Austrian Airlines. Perhaps as the alliance grew, it will be very hard to fill every airline with this livery now. Another thing about this livery is, the owner of the plane has the very front section. So since this one is a Lufthansa plane, Lufthansa is painted in the very front. Same thing goes with the others. Back then in 1999 or early 2000s I boarded the Air Canada one.

Close up on the front section. Note that the plane is nicknamed “Nuremberg”. Herpa printed every detail in the plane, which is a very good point. Not only that, the paint is very durable. I’ve had this for almost 10 years and it’s still in a very good condition. The wheels and the jets are also still intact, so I can say the quality is very good.

Front and top view of the plane. The top view looks pretty cute to be honest.

Overall, this is a really good plane. I love the livery to be honest and the quality of the die-cast is also really good. Too bad the livery does not exist anymore and the top three alliances already have a lot of members. I’d love to see some more these mix-and-match types of liveries in the skies.

1/400 Air Pacific “Island of Viti Levu” Livery

What would you say about an island in the sky?

This Air Pacific Boeing 747-412 (DQ-FJL) says it all. Nicknamed “Island of Viti Levu”, the plane is painted with two stunning pictures of Fiji. On the top is Beachcomber Islands and the bottom is Castaway Islands. Kudos to anyone who has the idea about painting the islands in these planes. I love it.

Close up for the Beachcomber Islands side. If you haven’t noticed yet in my digital arts gallery, I also digipainted the same picture (also available on deviantART) just because of this airline.

And close up for the Castaway Islands side. Like the other one, I also have a piece of this in my digital arts gallery, as well as my deviantART.

Top view of the plane. You can still see the islands.

…and even in front view, you can still see some of the islands.

Anyways, the plane itself is really beautiful. Too bad Air Pacific repainted this plane into their regular colour scheme. Still, thanks to Air Pacific for its creativity and Dragon Wings for manufacturing this die-cast plane. The print/paint job for the plane is really good. Every detail of the livery is there. However, the bottom part of the plane did not really stick, so it often comes off. It is still a good buy though. If I remembered correctly I got this from eBay, because I did not find any luck finding this plane on regular stores.