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Usually, Cospa releases T-shirts from new series that just aired within the past year or so. However, I am quite happy when they announced that they are going to release something from old animes, especially from something that I knew when I was still watching anime. This is a T-shirt of Shaorin Shugogetten (守護月天 小璘) from Mamotte Shugogetten (まもって守護月天!).


The design is very simple, with a illustration of Shaorin in front of a crescent moon with sparkles and text. However, since this is a character from my past, it brings up memories, and I’m happy to actually have an official merchandise of those animes from my past.

img_5950 img_5951

This is a regular screen printed T-shirt, and a limited edition as well. Of course, the quality of printing for Cospa shirts are always good, because they use the dots for the shading, leaving a lot of breathable fabric on the design. Despite how good it is, the printing is still prone to cracking and I do not want that, especially on the places like her face, because that will be scary. It is quite flexible as well for a screen print, as you can distort it somehow and whenever you wear it, it does not have too much ‘print-like’ feel. Certainly the colours are not as vibrant as those full graphic T-shirts, but the durability of the printing is very good. Some of my old screen-printed T-shirts have the print pretty much still intact while the fabric has already faded to a certain degree. Anyways, I really hope that Cospa would bring back some more of those classics.

(T-shirt store page: 伝心 まもって守護月天!★限定★シャオリンTシャツ)

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    • Well I also hope they will re-release some of those T-shirts as well :)
      I missed some of them and it is quite difficult to get them now…

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