Nirasaki Hinata Full Colour T-shirt

I recently have taken a great liking to these polyester anime T-shirts. Although most of these came from an adult visual novel, for me if the design is nice then I will take it. This one is a Nirasaki Hinata (t) T-shirt from Lovely x Cation 2.

img_5968 img_5971

Like many other visual novel T-shirts, the design covers the front and the back. But this time the back has a very different tone compared to the front, because from afar it looks very bluish while the front is very pinkish. Design-wise, she has a very sporty look on both sides of the print so it definitely is a plus point for me.

img_5969 img_5970

Distorted printing on the fabric just to show the quality of the shirt. Like many other Japanese polyester T-shirts, the fabric has a lot of pores and it may feel itchy when you wear it. However, the printing quality is very sharp and the colours are very bright so it looks very nice when you wear it.

img_5972 img_5973 img_5975

One benefit of having a polyester T-shirt is that it is very durable. It will not fade away very quickly, although if you would like to take a good care of it, do always remember to wash it in cold water and dry it in a dark place.

Yama no Susume Radio Susume Full Graphic T-shirt

This Yama no Susume (ヤマノススメ) T-shirt was from Radio Susume (ラジオノススメ), although I bought it from Yahoo! Auctions anyways. The T-shirt has all four main characters, from left: Kaede Saitou (斉藤楓), Kokona Aoba (青羽ここな), Aoi Yukimura (雪村あおい) at the bottom right, and Hinata Kuraue (倉上ひなた) at the top right.


The design is very nice. I always like when the whole side is fully printed. The characters look very cute and the colours are very sharp and crisp. The idea of printing a whole illustration onto the shirt was very nice too, because I also like the particular details such as the trees and the train interior.

img_5953 img_5954

The material is very different from usual T-shirt material. I am pretty sure they use a synthetic material, but I am not sure it is polyester. It felt like those outdoor jerseys and it is very rubbery. The shirt is also soft but the material is quite heavy. Somehow it felt really like wearing an outdoor jersey straight on, which somehow fits the whole T-shirt theme.


Because of the material, the T-shirt is actually very durable and stretchable. Like most of other synthetic T-shirts, the printing hardly fades away and will not crack because it is directly printed onto the T-shirt. Overall, it is a very nice T-shirt to have as a collection, but for me probably not for everyday wear.

(T-shirt store page: ヤマノススメ ラジオノススメ フルグラフィックTシャツ)

Shaorin T-shirt

Usually, Cospa releases T-shirts from new series that just aired within the past year or so. However, I am quite happy when they announced that they are going to release something from old animes, especially from something that I knew when I was still watching anime. This is a T-shirt of Shaorin Shugogetten (守護月天 小璘) from Mamotte Shugogetten (まもって守護月天!).


The design is very simple, with a illustration of Shaorin in front of a crescent moon with sparkles and text. However, since this is a character from my past, it brings up memories, and I’m happy to actually have an official merchandise of those animes from my past.

img_5950 img_5951

This is a regular screen printed T-shirt, and a limited edition as well. Of course, the quality of printing for Cospa shirts are always good, because they use the dots for the shading, leaving a lot of breathable fabric on the design. Despite how good it is, the printing is still prone to cracking and I do not want that, especially on the places like her face, because that will be scary. It is quite flexible as well for a screen print, as you can distort it somehow and whenever you wear it, it does not have too much ‘print-like’ feel. Certainly the colours are not as vibrant as those full graphic T-shirts, but the durability of the printing is very good. Some of my old screen-printed T-shirts have the print pretty much still intact while the fabric has already faded to a certain degree. Anyways, I really hope that Cospa would bring back some more of those classics.

(T-shirt store page: 伝心 まもって守護月天!★限定★シャオリンTシャツ)

Komari Yui Full Colour T-shirt

The last T-shirt from this Koi Kakeru Shin Ai Kanojo (恋×シンアイ彼女) T-shirt series from Karutassu (かるたッス) is definitely the most adorable, and also my personal favourite out of the four. The shirt features the very cute Yui Komari (小鞠 ゆい) and I immediately want to wear her.

img_5925 img_5930

Like the others, the shirt has a front and a back print. One of why this shirt is really great is that the back print is using a really different pose, rather than just standing. The flying papers made it look like she was discarding her test/assignment papers but well, it made this T-shirt more and more adorable.

img_5926 img_5927

The quality of the print is phenomenal like always. It does not leave any kind of print feel when you wear it because they directly print the design onto the fabric. The polyester fabric also makes the colour stand out – sharp, crisp, and stunning; but on the other side, it brushes off your skin so sometimes I felt the T-shirt is quite itchy to wear.


One part of the amazing detail – the background. Look at those sakura/cherry blossom tree (and the other trees too). Her name is also printed there, with green glow, which I presume is her image colour.

img_5931 img_5932

As amazing as it is, too bad it only came in one sizeL. I wish they release XL or XXL because their L-size cutting is a bit short for me. While the sides are baggy, but the bottom part of the shirt fell just a little bit below my hip.


On the sleeves, like the others, have her chibi print, which is very cute. By far, I have to say that this is Karutassu’s best T-shirt so far.

(T-shirt store page: 恋×シンアイ彼女 着娘!フルカラーTシャツ ver. 小鞠ゆい)