Etotama T-shirt

It has been awhile since I last bought a normal, non-full graphic T-shirt from Cospa. This is a T-shirt featuring the characters from Etotama (えとたま).


The two big characters are Nya-tan (にゃ〜たん) and Chuu-tan (チュウたん) and also the other Eto-musumes. The top row has Nya-tan, Chuu-tan, Moo-tan (モ~たん), Shima-tan (シマたん), Usa-tan (ウサたん), and Dora-tan (ドラたん). The bottom row has Shaa-tan (シャアたん), Uma-tan (ウマたん), Mei-tan (メイたん), Kii-tan (キーたん), Piyo-tan (ピヨたん), Inu-tan (イヌたん), and Uri-tan (ウリたん).


The printing uses standard screen printing, but the resulting rubber is actually quite thin. I am very amazed at how can Cospa make thin screen but still has bright results. In contrast to the full graphic/full colour T-shirts or polyester/dry T-shirts that are always directly printed, this one is prone to cracking. However, it will not fade so easily. Also, even though it is screen printed, the resulting print is actually quite flexible, although it is not advised to stretch it too much.

(T-shirt store page: えとたまETM12 Tシャツ)

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