Cutie Bullet Full Colour Print T-shirt

Ever since I knew about Karutassu (かるたッス), I have been ordering some polyester T-shirts because sometimes it came with a front and back print in a significantly cheaper price. This shirt is my fifth one that I ordered from them, featuring the characters from Juukishi Cutie☆Bullet (銃騎士 Cutie☆Bullet).

IMG_5605 (Copy) IMG_5608 (Copy)

The design is very simple, it is just a bunch of characters put together in a T-shirt. These were the original poses that you find on its cover too anyway. On the front it has Minami Mayu (三波 真由) and on the back it has Reina de Medicis (怜奈・ド・メデシス), Sara Tiffal (サラ・ティファール), and Fujikura Miyabi (藤倉 みやび).

IMG_5606 (Copy)
IMG_5607 (Copy)

Because it is printed on a 100% polyester fabric, the printing is very bright and sharp. It also withstand washes as I do not notice any discolouration after washes. It is also directly printed to the T-shirt so you will not feel any ink feel when wearing it.

IMG_5609 (Copy) IMG_5610 (Copy)

The only drawback with the fabric is that the pores are a little itchy and scratches the skin. So at times it is not so comfortable to wear, especially without any clothes underneath. However, the printing is just really good, something more or less like those full graphic T-shirts so I have to get one anyway for the collection.

(T-shirt store page: 着娘!「銃騎士Cutie☆Bullet」両全面フルカラープリントTシャツver.三波真由)