Comiket 87 QP:flapper T-shirt

Satisfied with my buy from Comiket 86, I went to hunt on Yahoo! Auctions to find the similar, limited edition T-shirt from Comiket 87. Luckily I am able to find one in the auctions and it came with a good price tag.


Contrary to the previous Comiket T-shirt, this time the girls are reversed. The short haired one becomes the main girl while the long haired one is in the background. I like the colours too, contrary to the summer one (blue), this one has a really nice sunset-feeling colours.

IMG_4670 IMG_4671Like the other one, it is printed on a polyester fabric and came in one size only. However, it means that the picture is directly printed on the fabric which makes the shirt very comfortable to wear without any itchy feeling on the top. Because it is a rare, limited-edition T-shirt, mostly the shirt will be used for collection purposes only.

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