Limited Edition Kuroyukihime T-shirt

This is a limited edition T-shirt commemorating Dengeki’s 20th Anniversary. It features Kuroyukihime (黒雪姫) from Accel World (アクセル・ワールド). Since this limited edition T-shirt was released on a one-off event in Japan, I bought this from the Auctions.


If I remembered correctly, this T-shirt was released around the same time as the full graphic version. Like the full graphic version, I still could not understand her dress, but I do think the overall design is quite nice. However, the print size was quite small in my opinion, especially considering the T-shirt I bought was M-sized. Note that usually they do not increase the print size on bigger sized T-shirts.

IMG_4559 IMG_4560

Despite the small size, the printing itself has really great quality. Even though COSPA used dot screen technique, the resulting print still turned out sharp and detailed. Thanks to the dot screen technique, the printing is very flexible and durable. However, like any other black or dark ink, it is highly prone to discolouration after washing. Certain washing care need to be applied in order to avoid major discolouration. Overall, this is a nice addition to my collection. But what’s better was that it looked nice to be worn around anytime.

(T-shirt store page: アクセル・ワールド 原作版 黒雪姫 Tシャツ)

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