Kousaka Chihaya Full Colour T-shirt

Here’s another T-shirt that just recently arrived. It features Kousaka Chihaya (上坂茅羽耶) from Natsuzora Kanata (夏空カナタ). Like all the other T-shirts from TOYS PLANNING, this only come in one size, L. It’s too bad because I would love to have an XL for these T-shirts. The design is cute and XL is just way more comfortable than L although I can fit an M.


The design is simple: Full illustration on a T-shirt. But I think the illustration is really nice. I love all the details. The girl is cute and the outfit is nicely detailed. The snowman looks cute too. The top part looks a little blank but when it is worn, it’s not that blank.

IMG_0628 IMG_0629

More close up on the distorted print. The print is very soft and flexible, as evidenced by the distortions. Because it has a lot of details, I hope the print will not fade after several washes. I have not washed it yet at this point. Another thing that I felt the fabric is quite thin, thinner than the older Toypla T-shirts. So I just hope it still has the same durability. Overall it is a really nice T-shirt to have. I like this one than the other Kousaka Chihaya T-shirt.

(T-shirt store page: 夏空カナタ フルカラーTシャツ B 上坂茅羽耶 ver.2)

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