Haitai Nanafa T-shirt

This T-shirt is one of my newest T-shirt loots. The package arrived just today. I ordered one other for my girlfriend and got another one extra. Nice. The T-shirt features characters from Haitai Nanafa (はいたい七葉). I don’t know what series is this, but the characters are really cute, like these.


I love T-shirts with a lot of characters, so when I see this on t-shirt-ya.com, I immediately ordered it. However, unlike COSPA T-shirts, this one follows the old COSPA sizing, so it is baggy and comfortable. The print quality is also really good, somewhat like COSPA’s and the picture covers the whole T-shirt, something like this one, which is really good to me.

IMG_8816 IMG_8817

More details on the print, just to show how nice the printing is. Since COSPA, this one, and Toy’s planning have the similar quality for their full graphic T-shirts, I am guessing perhaps they were using the same printing company. The print is very smooth and flexible. Of course I have not washed this one yet since it’s new, so I can not comment on the durability.

(T-shirt store page: はいたい七葉 ふるぐらふぃっく Tシャツ)

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