Tokimeki Memorial Football T-shirt

Here’s some other T-shirts that I am not sure where originally was from, though I got them off Yahoo! Auctions like the others. Both T-shirts are from Tokimeki Memorial. The first one features Hikari Hinomoto (陽ノ下 光) from Tokimeki Memorial 2.


The print is a little small for my tastes, even when it’s worn. Looks like it’s just a regular A4 iron-on print on yellow T-shirt. But the girl is quite cute and it’s football, so that’s why I get this.

IMG_8432 IMG_8433

More details on the print. The print is very sticky. In both the pictures, the shirt already stuck with some others, leaving some strands on the print. This is the real downside of this T-shirt, like some others.

Up next is Yukiko Makihara (牧原 優紀子) from Tokimeki Memorial 3.


The design is very much similar to the other one. A4 iron-on on a blue T-shirt. Again the print is small for my tastes, but the image is good so that’s why I get it.

IMG_8428 IMG_8429

More details on the print. It has the same stickiness compared to the other one, and you can see some fabric strands from other shirts there. Despite the stickiness, unlike some others, it is quite flexible. Well it did not crack after sticking to some other T-shirt and folded for quite a long time. Then again, I got these for 1000 yen apiece (though I am unsure how cheap/expensive is the original price), I can’t complain much. So I just keep these for collection purposes.

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