Hito-Yume T-shirts (Part 2)

Continued from the last post, I am posting about the last two (of four) Hito-Yume T-shirts in this post. Up first is the blue one, Hiki Mizuki (比企 瑞樹).

This one has the best colours to be honest. I like the blue. The big picture also looks really nice. Just too bad that she looked a little gloomy in the full body picture. Also this is the only one that is XL (the rest are L).

Details on the print. Some parts are a little wrinkled because of the washes, like on the above picture. However, since it is XL, this is the most comfortable one to be worn around. The fabric is pretty similar to COSPA standard (these set are not from COSPA).

Last but not least, the orange one, Kozue Aline (梢 有音)

I grew to like orange colour because of my fondness for the Dutch football club. The orange here is pretty nice.

The print quality is pretty similar to the others. Pretty strong and flexible for a heat-transfer print. Thin prints can crack, but that’s expected.

Overall the shirts are pretty nice. The fabric is soft and comfortable and the prints are pretty flexible and durable for a heat-transfer. However I noticed that how they write names are wrong? (Aline.K instead of Aline K.). Lastly, hopefully someone on Yahoo! Auctions or mbok.jp sell the last one, the Hata Seika (秦 聖果) T-shirt so I can complete the set.