Hito-Yume T-shirts (Part 1)

Here’s another event-related T-shirts that I have (here are some of the others). This one is from the anime Hito-Yume (ひとゆめ) and actually the set has five T-shirts in total. I got three from Yahoo! Auctions, one from mbok.jp, and still searching for the last one.

I am going to divide into two posts. For this post it will be for the Takadera Mari (高寺 茉莉/green) and Sakakibara Miku (榊原 美玖/pink) T-shirts. First up will be the green one.

Out of the four I have, I like this one the most. I think the art is the cutest among all four. This is actually the only one I got from mbok.jp. I’d love to get a bigger print though, but since this is a heat-transfer paper T-shirt, I think this is already fine.

Some details on the print. Despite it’s just a transfer paper, it’s actually pretty flexible compared to the others. It’s pretty strong as well. I have worn this quite a few times and washed it but there are no cracks yet.

Up next is the pink one.

This shirt is the one I wear the most among all four. The art is nice too, but it is a little too pinkish for my tastes to be worn outside.

Some details on the print. Pretty similar quality to the other one. However after a few washes this one become a little bit sticky. Note the blue spots on the picture above this one.

I will continue the other two on the next post.